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images from around the world

I started travelling to take pictures over 30 years ago, but the adventure that is travel photography continues to stimulate and challenge me. My aim is to take photographs that capture the reality of a place (as I see it), by shooting strong individual images that build on each other to create a comprehensive coverage of a destination, so that viewers get a sense of what it’s like to be there.

At its most basic, travel photography merely provides a visual record of the places visited. At its best it gives an insight into the world at large in all its diversity, adding something new to our understanding of a place and the people who live there. It portrays familiar places in unique ways, reveals lesser known places with equal import, captures the spirit of the people with dignity and encapsulates unique moments in time that surprise, inform and intrigue viewers. It’s the counter to the incessant reporting and news footage that focuses on the negative side of people and places. Ultimately, it inspires in others a desire to see the world for themselves, and to take their own photographs along the way.

tales by light

I’m honoured to be one of five photographers selected for the new National Geographic Channel series Tales by Light. The six part series follows in the footsteps of five adventurous photographers as they travel around the world for their craft. Shot in 15 countries over the course of one year, Tales by Light is an insight into what it takes to capture images that tell powerful stories. Produced, directed and shot by Abraham Joffe in collaboration with Canon Australia. The series screened on National Geographic channel in Australia and New Zealand in May and June 2015. Check out the trailer.