Tours & workshops

In collaboration with World Expeditions and Aurora Expeditions I regularly accompany a small group of travellers to some of the most spectacular and interesting places on earth. The trips give participants with a special interest in photography the opportunity to develop their technical and creative skills through informal tuition, discussion and feedback while taking pictures in inspirational locations. No matter what equipment you use I’ll do my best to help you improve your camera skills with practical guidance on all aspects of travel photography. Closer to home, and in collaboration with Wild Bush Luxury and Baillie Lodges, I host five day photographic safaris at stunning locations in the Australian outback.


  1. I just watched TALES BY LIGHT on Netflix I am in awe. Sharing your insite in all its splendor & diversity is so breath taking. Thank you Richard for your stellar photos and being one of 5 photographers to be honored with national geographic Tales by Light I love you, your shots and how inspirational that was to see such work and to share with the world
    Lynndee Elecciri

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