Australia: 42 great landscape experiences

Australia 42 great landscape experiences

Photographs by Richard I’Anson
Words by John Ross
Foreword by George Negus
Hardback, 330mm  x 260mm
368 pp, 319 colour photographs
Produced by Richard I’Anson for Lonely Planet Publications, 2006
Out of print, limited copies available, send request by email

From the moment I determined to make a career out of photography I set my sights on being a landscape photographer. At the time the target of my intent was the Australian landscape. It transpired that the more general subject matter of travel photography and a considerably wider geographical range would become the focus of my work.

However, my original desire to see and photograph Australia never waned. Every opportunity to head out into the wide open spaces of this remarkable country has been gratefully taken. Time in the Australian outback, concentrating on a single subject matter has always offered a pleasing counterpoint to the many days spent in crowded urban environments overseas, photographing a multitude of subjects.

Australia: 42 Great Landscape Experiences is the culmination of 25 years work and the result is a suitably substantial book featuring the 42 natural features that I consider the ‘must see’ sights of the Australian landscape, plus the equally spectacular, but often lesser known, places and features around them. The destinations have been selected not only for their wild grandeur, but because they’re accessible to everyone. So, if you’re thinking about your next trip, or have memories of previous Australian journeys, you’ll find Australia a rich experience, with fresh inspirations or memories at the turn of every page.

The photographs are complimented by a foreword written by George Negus, an evocative introduction and text by John Ross and extended image captions.

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